Monday, October 11, 2010

Anchovy Pizza

A pizza that was not mushroom for once! Bean was wary of having an anchovy even touch his part of the pizza, so he cut off a hunk of the dough and we did our own thang. Mine had a lil' can of anchovies, some broccoli, and a chopped radish, with mozzarella cheese and a bit o' sauce.

Man, this thing tasted like a salt lick! But still good. But still not as good as mushroom! But then again, what could hope to win that prize...

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  1. Hi! We had two friends over last night for pizza makin'. I chopped and roasted a full butternut squash earlier in the day, and caramelized a bunch of onions. The goal was 4 pizzas, each with a butternut squash theme. We had 4 different cheeses to choose from (goat, fontina, moz, parm cheese), fried chopped kale, fresh sage, and procutio (sp). Pesto and crushed tomatoes for the base. yum yum yum!!!