Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Artichoke Focaccia?

I guess that's what you'd call it...

Bean wanted a frozen pizza tonight, but I felt like trying something new, so while he popped his in the toaster and was done, I hopped about the kitchen in a state of strangely high spirits. I wanted pizza, but I also wanted to find a use for an opened can of artichoke hearts. Then, an idea! This dough was made of:

1/4 c. water
1/2 packet yeast


And then add approximately 1 cup of flour, some dried basil, and two chopped artichoke hearts. I let that sit while Bean and I watched exactly one 20-minute episode of Futurama. Why is it a funny show? Unknown.

The dough rose so much that I split it in half, making one part into a miniature spinach and mozzarella calzone for a work-lunch. The other half I rolled out and topped with olive oil and mozzarella cheese, and some gloriously fresh basil leaves from the lovely potted garden. Then I let it cook while I ran about like a flailing idiot (probably ten minutes? Shorter than a pizza, in any case).

You can see artichoke pieces in the dough. I would like to know what to attribute the simple deliciousness of it to, but I am going to have to chalk it up to luck and hunger for now.

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