Monday, November 29, 2010


A rambling farmhouse, meticulously kept up by two old, dear people. Their traditional mindset made (in the past) them disallow their children from sharing a room with their beaus, even when the pair was engaged and living together. Imagine the surprise then, when it was announced Simon and I were allowed to share the separated apartment all to ourselves?? This news was the perfect ending to a warm and welcoming day....because no matter how open and greeting a boyfriend's family is, there is nothing so wonderful as being able to snuggle in for the night with the Bean, though we had spent the whole day engulfed in our own selves.

What I regretted most about skipping my family Thanksgiving was helping Moth in the kitchen, in the morning while the relatives arrived. When I awoke, therefore (apparently last, as no one let me forget), I wanted to cook things. They put me on squash duty, and me and the other women (and Pap, the dear old Man) set to cutting up vegetables and sipping eggnog & cognac. I was content! The boys played video games and ran about annoying us until 1:30 PM, when dinner was on the table.

Their Thanksgiving dinner was a refreshing change from my dearest family's. No strange casseroles involving ingredients which should never be mixed; theirs consisted of turkey, potatoes, approximately five wonderfully boiled vegetables...and none of the tastes were obscured by others. All were left alone, or left to shine in the presence of a few choice spices, and the entire thing was so glorious I could have kept indulging for days and days.

And then, when our day of gluttony was done, I came to the realization that this family celebrated three days of gluttony. And I embarced it with open arms!

Here are some cupcakes that eight-year-old Sam made as servant of the fort of which I was Queen. I spent the day making up orders for her to follow. I HAD NO CHOICE!

This vacation was everything I could have hoped to have; three days of reading, doing crosswords, drawing, eating, running around outside, and being surrounded by wondrous people.

And when we got home, Bean and I made pizza-from-scratch and mulled cider! A beautiful ending to a beautiful week...

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  1. Beet, just so you know we never have any gross casseroles at our t-gobbles...except for those rare times when dear ole Nan hosted.