Monday, November 29, 2010

Summer (?) Squash

For today, full of Thanksgiving wonders, I'd planned a way to use up my butternut squash. Unless, of course, Simon suggested our favorite open-year-round ice cream shop....but he did not. So! The crust ingredients were something like:

1/3 butternut squash (steamed)
1/2 c. flour'
sprinkle salt
sprinkle sugar
sprinkle curry powder
sprinkle yeast

As you can tell, none of this was very precise. I had seen a recipe for squash + flour + egg, and decided to adapt it. This had squash and water and flour and spices and a little oil, and nothing else. I let it sit for the yeast's sake, but none too patiently.

And bustling about me, in my lack-of-planning time-frame, was Simon with his soup:

and Morgan with his cereal:

and when I was done, I realized I'd neglected my glorious concoction in the oven! It was quite good:

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