Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ice Cream Cups?

Hannah forced me to make these with her. She had a pie craving, but we had nothing to fill it with, so we attempted to make cookie dough cups in a muffin tin to fill with ice cream.

The recipe was the generic cookie dough recipe from below (using Ghirardelli chips) but with these additions by Hannah:

few teaspoons cinnamon
maybe 1/2 c. Nesquik powder
~ 1 tbsp honey
some milk to moisten

and we had to add one more egg to make up for the added solids. They didn't bake so well, but they came out tasting like chocolatey chip cookies. The muffin cups, though, stuck perilously to the dough, and only the most patient of people could remove one; so the rest of the dough was made into normal cookies. No one has eaten them yet, though -- they look slightly terrifying and blobular.

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