Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mushroom Tarts

I truly love moseying about the kitchen, with ideas a-spew and an apertif in hand, concocting and mulling and all that follows. It's a time to grab Bean and to chat with Ma'am about various goings-on, and definitely a time to rewind from the workday (which is not all that strenuous, truth be told). The problem occurs as I bring the manicured meal upstairs to our bedroom, where my small workspace is set up. There, I become quickly engrossed in paper, the computer, puzzle...and the carefully prepared meal seems that much less necessary.

It is under these circumstances, therefore, that I yearn to go out for dinner more regularly. It's not because I loathe cooking (the contrary...!) or because I dread staying in with just "the family". I love all of those things. It's because at a restaurant, I am forced to realize that now is the time for consuming dinner and there are no two ways about it. So!

It has come to my mind that dining out keeps me in a state of nutritional happiness.

Not only that, but it eating out is a time to talk to your lover face to face; more than the usual banter or necessary life-planning. A quiet respite, but perhaps a necessary one.

1/2 c. bread flour
some water
a sprinkle of yeast
a few dollops butter

Filling (simmered):
1 c. mushrooms
olive oil
sprig of fresh parsley
chunk o' chopped onion
cabernet sauvignon

I spread the dough into two (well) greased muffin cups, filled them, and topped 'em with some (1/4 c.?) grated mozzarella cheese. This baked for approximately 30 minutes; I removed it when the cheese was bubbling and the crust had browned beautifully.

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