Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Soup

It snowed all day, and rained and froze all night. The drive home from work was slippery and slow, but Bean and I still ventured out afterward to purchase some soup ingredients. What's the use in being comforted by a hot broth if you don't get a little frosty first?

This loaf is one that Bean made while I was away dancing my heart out this weekend, so I cannot divulge the recipe; however, it was sourdough, and it turned out deliciously.

The ingredients were something like:

two large tomatoes
some butternut squash
some beet
some carrot
some mushroom

...you get the idea. I also added fresh parsley, thai curry sauce (an interesting debut), and salt and pepper o' course. It simmered while we waited for the bread to bake, and everything became ready in a glorious moment of supper harmony.

Paired with some cheapish-but-good Cabernet Sauvignon that we got at Hannaford's, it made quite a tasty bit.


  1. The contrast of the carrot greens on the squash looks real nice!

  2. them ain't greens; them's parsley!