Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Phyllo Mushroom Tartlets

Tonight I had the urge to go to my favorite Irish pub and not debate about dinner. Due to my prodding boyfriend and my terrible guilt-inducing personality, though, I determined to make mushroom tartlets instead. I have been dealing with a mushroom obsession of late; so this appealed to me more than slightly.


When I perused the refrigerator, I realized that a package of puff pastry dough has been sitting there, unused and neglected, for nearly weeks. I have never been one to love the texture of phyllo, but I decided to substitute that for my basic flour-plus-water-&-spices dough concoction.

It looked far more like paper than I could have imagined. When I opened it I thought perhaps the world was playing a practical joke on me --


This began with some saute-ing of olive oil, onions, and basil. Then I added a lil' red wine and a ton of chopped mushrooms. That brewed for a while while I spread almost a stick of butter on a sheet o' the flabbergasting phyllo dough.

And after digging in --

As a side note, here is what Bean made alongside me for the night; stuffed peppers. He spent a long while brewing up some delectable risotto with Italian cheese, and spinach. Then stuffed it into peppers and baked it simultaneously with mine. It looked good except that I absolutely cannot stand any smell or taste of peppers!


  1. For some reason I cannot seem to understand that you simply don't like peppers. How odd and hilarious! ("SUCKS")

  2. I, myself, do not enjoy peppers either. This is particularly true for red bell peppers...they are the grossest of the gross!

    On a slightly (although hardly) different note, I freaking love mushrooms! There is muchroom in my heart and my stomach for the likes of those!