Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chocolate Toys

You see, when I was a small child, we rarely had anything particularly scrumptious for dessert. Occasionally, however, our German friend would bring us Kinder eggs, which were stuffed full of an assortment of parts that when assembled would produce a tiny mechanical toy.

Bean and I stopped by a local farmstand today, and I thought I found the equivalent -- but I got a one piece figurine that required no assemblage, and was therefore thoroughly unsatisfying. I think it's time to mail-order from Germany!

My dinner, in an attempt to use up old grocery items, was:

white wine
olive oil
thai curry spice
tomato slice
mozzarella cheese

Baked to beautiful in wonton.


  1. Ye drunk again then, ol' girl?
    LET us mail-order from Germany! LET us!

  2. I LOVE Kinder Eggs. If I can find them, you'll have them for Easter. Last time I looked, I struck out.

  3. Found them! AND, 'cause I'm feeling fun, I have purchased 24 little ones (come get 'em!) AND 4 additional GIANT Kinder Eggs. Gee...where can I find 4 girls who might want to have a GIANT Kinder Egg building party??? Anyone?


    How EVER did you do that? I looked online; $50 to ship from Canada, and illegal in the U.S. due to chocking hazards (what wimps). YOU GENIUS!!!