Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mushroom Wonton Crisps (?)

What to do for dinner? In a tiny (tiny!) saucepan, I sauteed:

olive oil
thai curry spice mix
fresh cilantro
chopped onion

and then I added some water and a freakin' ton of chopped mushrooms. These simmered while I cleaned the entire kitchen and sang along to the radio to my heart's content. Bean, meanwhile, was simultaneously brewing up some arancini for the household.

And then I divvied them up between some giant wonton wrappers we had in the fridge. One of my troubles is that I have a strange desire to use up whatever happens to be in the refrigerator. A bowl of olives? gone! A string of slightly-gone asparagus? GONE!

And so it was with these wontons. I was really in the mood for tomatoes tonight, but my brain urged me to do otherwise.

Spoon mixture onto triangled wonton wrappers (large), and fold and fold; and bake at varying temperatures (sprayed with olive oil) until they appear delightfully crispy and brown. Then forget about them for eons while you socialize and blabber, and they will have crisped up on their own!

I was surprisingly pleased.

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