Monday, May 30, 2011

Hiking in the Spring

Today we went on a glorious hike through the White Mountains. It took:

9 miles
8 hours
three mountain peaks
lots of whining (and water)

and to me it was simply a glorious time. I was with some of my favorite people (Bean, Meeds, Grab, and Kras), and the scenic views abounded seemingly without end. And though it became apparent on the descent that my right knee has become semi-permanently damaged from so much running, it was wondrous. A perfectly sunny and cloudy day, and wind wind wind, and conditions so perfect I hardly think I broke a sweat all day, though the climbs were certainly present.

Bean, unaccustomed to such prolonged physical trials, was inclined to let me cook dinner (a very rare occurrence). I made a big pot of basmati rice, with some:

shiitake mushrooms
thai curry spices

And for Bean, it was topped with a fried egg. Mine was wrapped in grape leaves and baked with the remainder of the mushrooms (and some pretty lil' pea sprouts).

And I rediscovered, as I always do, how a little bit of time in the kitchen allows me to revel in (and be, in a way, cured of) my wonderful weariness.


  1. Loved laboring through that with you, Beet!

    That soup/meal looks delish and I only wish I could have been there with you to enjoy it! After taking showes and drinking coffee at your house, Grab and I felt much revived and went on to cook supper together and enjoy a good long chat. Then we slumped against our pillows in one another's arms and zonked the night away.

    Let's do something similar soon, love!