Saturday, June 4, 2011

Asian Pizza

We are moving this weekend.

Away from Ma'am (as much as I love her) and Nii and Morgue, and into a gloriously big, old, rotting and beautiful house. It is the house Bean grew up in, and we spend tomorrow waiting (im)patiently for a call that tells us the current tenants have gone.

And so, I spent the night trying to cook dinner, but being inevitably drawn into packing all of the things we had acquired over the various years of our relationship. There are plates and cups and utensils, and there are things that have sat in the house but are used by no one but us. What to take?!

So dinner was late.

It was an Asian-inspired (I loathe that word) pizza. I made a lil' bit of dough, and spread it with:

sesame oil
seaweed sheets
fermented cabbage & carrots

(Ma'am has been experimenting with fermented vegetables, and these were perfect.)

When it was done baking I added some of Morgue's frozen fish eggs.

And after cleaning the entire kitchen (likely to be messied by various boys in our absence), it was scrumptious.

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