Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thai Try (3)

When we lived with Ma'am, Bean and I would often concoct suppers that allowed us to pootle together in the kitchen, but did not overlap (ingrediently) in the least.

But since we've moved to the new (old) house, we've made nearly every dish together. It's a strange change. Some things are still different (that second dish is mine, and much more vegetable-laden than Bean's peanutinferno) but it does feel like our own home.

Tonight we made a simple Thai-style stirfry:

olive oil
fresh basil
kale & collard mix (see above)

And when this was nearly done, Bean boiled up some rice noodles, and mixed them in a bag with Panko bread crumbs. This is the stuff they make Japanese tempura with; they're like less hefty bread crumbs.

Add these to the stir fry; top with chopped peanuts and Goyoza sauce, and mmmmmm...