Thursday, April 15, 2010


I drove home for our much-awaited trip to Worcester to see Riverdance. I'd seen it once before with my then-boyfriend Andrew, and it was beautiful; but the experience was somewhat dampened by the fact that he didn't enjoy it. This time was completely perfect, because we-the-sisters all love the show and can feel our hearts beat along with freaking all of it. Moth and Fath are less attached to it, but I do believe they had a grand time too. It's good, too, for all six of us to be once again together in these college-ridden times.

We went to Funky Murphy's, which is a regular pub-type place apparently frequented by mostly young people. Fath and I split a chicken pesto wrap (which we both agreed was bland) and a seafood-pasta dish. Squid included...

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  1. YESSSSSSS... we went to see Riverdance when I was in 8th grade (when my dad was in the midst of Irish Phase No. 1). Such good memories. Glad you had fun!