Friday, December 3, 2010

Cherry Tomatoes

I only posted this because tomatoes, being my favorite fruit, give way to cherries; a tiny, bite-sized portion of the wondrous fruit that begs to be included in work lunches and other dishes. We've been eating out too much, so tonight we cooked for six people instead of two.

We began, unknowingly, with:

olive oil
chopped scallions
chopped onions
fresh basil :D
salt & pepper?

Bean assembled these while I cleaned the kitchen.

And then we separated into two pans, since Bean abhors mushroom and I cannot stand peppers. I added:


and somehow, the most beautiful vegetable of all; cherry tomatoes. I was surprised to find they were still sweet at this time of year...

Cook or a minimal amount of time (I often neglect the poor dish) and consume!


  1. Why is a regular ol' tomato a fruit, but a cherry tomato a vegetable?