Monday, December 6, 2010

Cooking for Bean

Ma'am has been gone for a week, and the refrigerator has been slowly emptying itself out as Nick, Bean, Morgue and I avail itself of its contents. Today, Bean had to pick up Ma'am at the airport. His request that I make dinner for us both, to consume when they returned, pleased me to no end; for once I'd be able to cook for him, instead of the other way around. Whenever we make pizza, it's him that mixes up the dough, and most other meals are an experiment by myself. So!

I threw olive oil in a pan, and added:

fresh basil
chopped garlic

and let it heat up while I cut up the last worthy meal item left since Ma'am departed: a single breast of chicken.

And it was at this point that they got home from the airport. TOO EARLY! As disappointed as I was in not blowing away the recipients, it was nice to have Ma'am (and Bean) back, so we could spend the rest of the meal preparation in chatty co-existence.

Broccoli was added for Bean; cherry tomatoes and mushrooms (my undying love) for me.

At least he seemed to enjoy it ever-so-slightly...

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  1. See, I would only be enjoying it a whole freakin' lot more than slightly. Wah!