Monday, April 25, 2011

Thai Stir-Fry (?)

Bean and I usually spend dinner time pootling about the kitchen, each making a very different dish that satisfies both of our predilections and desires.

But today I wanted to try this.

It's something Bean has made before; a mix of vegetables and (chicken if you want!) and noodles, and spice.

I came home late from work, but we whisked to the store regardless. And when we got home, we realized we had three more people to feed!

So out, the huge fry pan comes. We began with:

olive oil
chopped scallions
chopped red onion
chopped garlic cloves (2)

And then, we added chopped carrots and broccoli. It was nice to be working (for once) towards the same goal.

Eventually we added:

(too few) chopped mushrooms
2 chopped chili peppers
garlic oil

Boil some rice noodles for a few minutes, and make an olive-oil filled pool in the midst of the vegetables. Add the cooked noodles, and simmer until your guests arrive.

For us, they were just in time! And hungry, too.

and shelling raw peanuts, to crush in the mortar-and-pestle (something I've learned from childhood) added a beautiful topping.


  1. Dam that Thai Stir Fry (?) really looks harmonious. Perhaps someday soon I shall be able to dine with you?!

  2. we will do this the first time you stay overnight with us in our new home. It is long and involved! And you must spend the time sipping a cocktail!

    And that is how we do dinner.

  3. Sounds wondrous, what you just said! I shall join you, at long last, in your abode and we shall prepare thai stir-fry (?) whilst sipping White Russians (my drink of choice).