Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bread (and Complementary Meals)

Usually I feel as if I am pushing Bean to be involved in cooking / baking projects, and I never know how excited he is about them. But the other day he made bread completely alone -- I did not even touch the dough, I don't think. He used this recipe, halved:

and let the described preferment (see picture above) sit overnight.

The bread came out delicious and made me wish I had been involved; I think I spent the entire preparation and baking time washing every single dish in the house that we spend most of our time in (they have what appears to be an allergic reaction to cleaning their own plates).

For lunch, eaten with block Parmesan cheese, it reminded me of both my high school trip to France and my family's trip to Ireland.

The next night we had this bread with fresh asparagus and beautifully fried eggs. For some reason Bean has a talent for dem things.


  1. They look like delicious mini bamboos. <3

  2. Also, what is in the very top picture with the crumbly white stuff?