Saturday, February 20, 2010

Win & Gin?

There is a beer place in [I think] Albany called [I think] the Brew Crew, and we stopped by it the other day after we made ourselves miserable buying suits to hasten toward our perilous futures. It is a quiet-looking place, but filled with so many beautiful bottles and boxes and labels and colors, and beer of every type and flavored with chocolate and berries and oats and from every freaking country in the world BUT -- I don't like beer. So I bought one bottle of Stewart's birch beer instead, and felt the fool.

Last night I tried it and forgot that the downfall of soda is its unbearable sweetness. This was a problem easily fixable by mixing it with Bombay gin and vanilla seltzer, which we had previously used to make a less-satisfying version of gin-and-tonic.

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